Privacy Policy

Social Media Policy


At YourOwnDesigns (the "Company"), we know that online social platforms, including blogs, wikis, message boards, video and photo sharing websites, and social networking services, are constantly transforming the way we interact. We also recognize the importance of the Internet in shaping the public view of our company. The Company is committed to supporting your right to interact responsibly and knowledgeably on the Internet through blogging and interaction in social media. We want our members to share and learn from others in order to build a valuable online community. 


The purpose of these guidelines is two-fold: First, the Company has an aim to protect our interests, including, but not limited to, the privacy of our employees and confidentiality regarding our business purpose, plans, partners, users, and competitors. Second, these guidelines will help you make respectful and appropriate decisions about your work-related interactions with people on the Internet. 


Your personal online activity is your business. However, any activity in or outside of work that affects your performance, the performance of others at the Company, or the Company's business interests are a proper focus for this Social Media Policy. You must always assume that your work-related social media activity is visible to the Company as well as current and potential employees, clients, partners, prospects, and competitors. The Company reserves the right to direct its members to avoid certain subjects and remove inappropriate comments and posts. Our internal policies remain in effect in our workplace. 


Guidelines for Discussing YourOwnDesigns on the Internet



-You are not authorized to speak on behalf of the company without express permission from _________________. 



-If you have permission to discuss the Company and / or our current and potential business activities, employees,